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Navigate the American Immigration Process with Help From a Green Card Attorney

America has long been known as the land of opportunity, and though citizens of other countries are welcomed within the nation's borders, certain conditions do apply. With help from a Green Card Attorney, proceeding through the proper channels to gain lawful immigration status may be a great deal less complicated. A few common hurdles stand between those from other countries and living the American dream.

Health-Related Issues

First and foremost, anyone seeking a green card must meet medical eligibility requirements. Just as children are required to have specific immunizations before being allowed to attend school, foreign nationals are held to these same obligations before being granted temporary or permanent residence. Screenings for a number of communicable diseases are administered when determining eligibility, and officials will search for any past records of drug or alcohol abuse. Histories of mental illnesses potentially leading to destructive behavior can also render a person inadmissible to the United States.

Criminal History

Authorities require prospective residents to furnish extensive documentation before acquiring permanent status (known as the “green card”), including criminal records. Failure to do so or providing falsified records could lead to petition denial. Regardless of the paperwork presented with a visa application, background searches are still performed to further ensure no fraud is at hand. An experienced green card attorney in Philadelphia understands the factors that render an applicant ineligible for permanent resident status or citizenship, as well as arguments for making exceptions in certain cases.

Limited Visa Availability

Several categories of immigrant visas have been established, each applying to a specific group of potential immigrants, including close relatives of U.S. citizens, and people with exceptional skills in specific fields. With the exception of immediate relatives, limited numbers of visas are available in each division, but many hopeful newcomers qualify for more than one type of visa. A green card lawyer in Philadelphia can help determine which would be most suitable based on current circumstances.

These are only a few of the roadblocks potential immigrants face during the application process. While illnesses, mistakes from the past, and timing can all thwart an applicant's efforts, appeals can be made.  Consult with an experienced Green Card Attorney to help navigate the intricacies involved in becoming an American citizen.