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Build or Reunite Your Family with Help from an Immigration and Naturalization Lawyer

Growth in the plastics and chemical sectors, as well as a surge in the biotechnology field, have brought an influx of new residents from across the country and abroad to Philadelphia, along with Bucks and Montgomery counties. This has led to an increased need for assistance from an Immigration and Naturalization Lawyer, and we at Tran Law Associates stand ready to help. Applying for U.S. lawful permanent resident status is a time-consuming and laborious process. Though some have found success on their own, having a Green card attorney in Philadelphia on your side could make the journey a bit smoother.

Those coming to the States based on their skills in a particular field may apply for a temporary or permanent work visa, or employers have the option to sponsor workers on the grounds of their contributions to a place of business. U.S. citizens are able to petition for some family members abroad to join them. American citizens planning to marry a foreign national may file for a K-1 visa to legally bring their intended spouse to the United States. However, simply stating your goal of marriage will not suffice, and this is one of the areas in which an Immigration and Naturalization Lawyer can make your application stronger.

Due to an increasing amount of fraud over the years, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, along with other agencies involved, insist on comprehensive proof of a bona fide relationship. Paperwork and the burden of proof are extensive in this situation, but an Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia can help in ensuring all bases are covered to decrease the risk of denial. Marriage is expected to take place within 90 days of a K-1 fiancé or fiancée  entering the United States, at which time that individual may consult a Green card lawyer in Philadelphia about gaining permanent resident status.

American citizens having already married a foreign national may file a K-3 petition to bring their spouses to America, and children of spouses or fiancés/fiancées can be be granted K-2 visas to enter the country. Though U.S. citizens are also allowed to petition for immigration of other family members, this right is restricted to only close relatives. Speak with an Immigration Attorney in Philadelphia from Tran Law Associates to find out which relatives qualify, and to begin the process of building or reuniting your family.