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Taxes and Immigration

Certain immigration benefits depend on your tax record, that is, whether you have paid your taxes when due, and, if not, whether you have worked out a payment plan with the taxing authority. The most obvious of these immigration benefits is naturalization, as the citizenship application asks you these questions point blank. However, your tax record comes up as a question of "good moral character," a term that crops up quite often in immigration. Anyone in removal proceedings who needs to prove "good moral character" will face a problem if they've avoided paying taxes. That does not mean that if you haven't paid your taxes in the past that you are out of luck, but it does mean that you have to own up to your delinquency and work out an agreement with the tax collector. Depend on an experienced immigration tax attorney from our Philadelphia firm to work through your unique case.

Another common issue concerns unauthorized immigrants who are often unaware both of their responsibility to pay taxes when paid in cash and their possible right to refunds in certain circumstances. Unauthorized immigrants are sometimes entitled to refunds under our tax laws if they have dependent children or spouses. If you do not have a social security number you can still apply for an individual tax identification number (ITIN) and use that ITIN to file your taxes and claim your tax refund.

Tax rules are complicated, whether federal, state, or local, and it takes an expert to identify all the rules that can work to your advantage. Tran Law Associates will help identify all available deductions and exemptions, as well as work out a delinquent tax payment plan that is best for you. With the help of our skilled immigration tax attorney, Philadelphia residents can get back on the path toward obtaining immigration benefits, including a U.S. visa, that depend on a positive tax record. Contact Tran Law Associates for help in navigating your tax and immigration issues.

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